API Reference


class ActivePeriodMixin

This mixin makes it easy to create a Model which is active between a start and end date. The date range, Periods, or Fiscal Years that are set in the context are used to determine if a particular record should be considered active, or not.

class PeriodMixin

This mixin provides a start and end date to classes that inherit it. It also limits any parent or child fields of the class to the same Company and to dates in the same period.


class TaxableMixin

This is a mixin that helps create classes that need to calculate Taxes, tax lines, and tax and base amounts from a list of taxable lines.

Development Reference

The Account Module includes minimal charts of accounts for many languages. The XML files that contain the localised charts of account are all generated from the same source XML file. The localize.xsl XSLT file defines how the source XML file is transformed into a localised chart of accounts.

To output a localised chart of accounts for language <lang> run:

xsltproc --stringparam lang <lang> localize.xsl minimal_chart.xml