The Country Module introduces the following concepts:


This is the top level concept provided by the Country Module. Each country record in Tryton represents a specific country, political state or nation.

The ISO 3166 standard defines the codes and names of countries and is used when Loading and updating countries and subdivisions.

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Countries can be found under the main menu entry:


The Subdivision of a Country represents a well defined area of that country. Subdivisions can be any size, ranging from regions, provinces, states, and counties down to municipalities, cities and boroughs.

The ISO 3166-2 standard defines codes and names for country subdivisions. These are automatically loaded and updated along with the countries.

Postal Code

The Postal Code concept is used to store postal codes, and their relationship to Countries, Subdivisions and cities. Depending on the country they relate to these codes are known locally as either postcodes, post codes, PIN or ZIP codes.

A script is provided for Loading and updating postal codes.