Account Statement Module

The account_statement module allows to book statements. Statement can be used for bank statement, cash daybook etc.


A statement groups many lines under a journal for a date. It is mainly defined by:

  • Name.

  • Journal.

  • Date.

The statement can be in one of this states:

  • Draft

    The statement is waiting for validation

  • Validated

    The statement is validated and is waiting to be posted. A move for each grouped lines is already created in draft state.

  • Posted

    The statement is posted which means all the moves have been posted.

  • Cancelled

    The statement is cancelled which means all the moves previously created have been deleted.


A Statement Line is mainly defined by:

  • Sequence: Use to order the lines in the statement.

  • Number: The number to identify a transaction.

  • Date.

  • Amount.

  • Party.

  • Account.

  • Invoice.

  • Description.

  • Move: The move created for this line.


The statement origin store the raw information from an external system that are imported. The origin are converted into statement lines.

Line Group

The line group represent the group of lines created at the validation of the statement. By default the lines of a statement are grouped by Number, Date and Party.


A Statement Journal is mainly defined by:

  • Name.

  • Journal (from account).

  • Currency.

  • Validation Type: - Balance - Amount - Number of Lines

The statements are validated following the validation type of the journal. The Balance validation requests to set the start and end balance (the start is automaticaly filled with the end balance of the last statement on the same journal) and the difference is checked against the total amount of the lines. The Amount validation requests to set the total amount to check against the total amount of the lines. The Number of Lines requests to set the number of unique lines on the statement.

Import Statement

A wizard to import statements from an external system. It creates statements with origins filled.


The account_statement module uses the section account_statement to retrieve some parameters:

  • filestore: a boolean value to store origin file in the FileStore. The default value is False.

  • store_prefix: the prefix to use with the FileStore. The default value is None.