The Quality Module introduces the following concepts:


The Control concept contains a list of points to control and which criteria trigger an inspection, such as the kind of operation, the product involved, etc.

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Controls can be found by opening the main menu item:


The Inspection concept stores the result of a quality control test performed for an associated document. When the inspection is processed it passes or fails based on the result of the test and the allowed tolerance of the Control’s points. When an inspection fails an Alert is automatically created and the linked document is blocked until all the alerts are resolved or deferred.

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Inspections can be found by opening the main menu item:



The Inspect wizard creates and helps to enter in the Inspections for a document. It then loops over all the inspections and processes them.


The Alert concept tracks a failing Inspection through to its resolution.

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Alerts can be found by opening the main menu item:


The Quality Configuration concept is used to store the settings which affect how the system behaves in relation to quality.

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Configuration settings are found by opening the main menu item: