Cancelling sales

You can easily cancel Sales that are not yet confirmed using the Cancel button.

Confirmed sales cannot be cancelled, but you can put them back to a state where they can be cancelled. However, as soon as a confirmed sale starts to be processed it can no longer be cancelled. This may happen immediately when it is confirmed, or after a delay if one has been correctly Configured.

Once a sale has started to be processed, to effectively cancel the sale, you must cancel its Customer Shipments and Invoices. Once you have done this you must handle the exceptions this generates, ensuring that none of the moves or invoices are selected for recreation.

Handling customer returns

Sometimes a customer may decide to return a Sale, or part of a sale, to you. In Tryton this is represented by a sale that has negative quantities.

One way of creating a customer return is to use the Return Sale wizard. This creates a new draft sales return for the whole of the selected sale.

If the customer has only returned part of the sale, then the sales return can be altered as required. When it gets processed it will automatically create Credit Notes and Customer Return Shipments where required.