Authentication SMS Module

Authentication SMS Module#

The SMS authentication module allows users to authenticate via SMS. It adds a new authentication method sms, which can be used in the list of authentications in the session section of the configuration file.

The sms method just sends a code via SMS to the user. Then the user needs to transcribe the code into the login dialog.

This method requires that the user has the correct Mobile phone number defined otherwise it will not be possible for them to authenticate.


The configuration of the module is set in the authentication_sms section.


The fully qualified name of the method to send SMS. It must take three arguments: text, to and from. This method is required to send SMS.


The number from which the SMS are sent.


The length of the generated code. Default: 6


The time to live for the generated codes in seconds. Default: 300


The name used in the SMS text. Default: Tryton