Customs Module

Customs Module#

The customs module allows to define customs duty based on the tariff code.

Tarif Code#

It stores the Harmonized System that can be set on Product.

  • The Code from the HS.

  • The Country in case of a country specific code.

  • The Organization in case of a country organization code.

  • The Start / End period of the year for which the code is valid.

Duty Rate#

It stores the rate of a Tarif Code for a country over a period.

  • The Tariff Code.

  • The Country for which the rate is.

  • The Organization for which the rate is.

  • The Type: Import or Export

  • The Start and End date of validity.

  • The Computation Type:
    • Amount: fixed amount with currency.

    • Quantity: amount (in currency) per unit of measure.