Production Work Module

Production Work Module#

The production work module allows to manage work order for each production. It also adds in the production cost for the work cost.

Work Center#

Work center are places in the warehouse where production operations are performed. They can be organized in a tree structure and each center can be linked to a category. A cost can be defined on the work center with two methods: Per Cycle or Per Hour.


Works define for a production which operation to do at which work center. They also contains the number of cycles consumed to perform the operation.

The work can be in one of these states:

  • Request

    The linked production is still waiting.

  • Draft

    The production has started but no cycle was already consumed.

  • Waiting

    There are some draft cycles planned.

  • Running

    There is at least one running cycle.

  • Finished

    All the cycles are done (or cancelled).

  • Done

    The production is done.

The works are created on the waiting production using the linked routing. For each step of the routing, a work is created with the operation. The work center is set if the operation has a work center category, by choosing a children work center of this category. Or if the operation has no category, it is the production work center that is used.


Cycles are used to count the consumption and the duration of the work. It also records the effective cost from the work center.

The cycle can be in one of this states:

  • Draft

  • Running

  • Done

  • Cancelled