Project Plan Module


Project Plan Module#

The Project Plan module adds planning features on top of the Project module.


An allocation links together an employee, a task and a percentage. It defines which part of his time the employee should dedicate to this task.


The Work model is extended to support planning features:

  • Tasks dependencies: Each work may have predecessor and successors. Predecessor and successor must share the same parent project.

  • tasks leveling, I.E. automatically delay some task to avoid overallocation of resources.

  • Early Start and Late End computation: If Constraint Start and Constraint End are set on a work, on its parent work or on one of the predecessors/successors, the Early Start and Late End dates (but also Late Start and Early Finish dates) are computed automatically.

  • Resource allocation: Each task may allocate one or more resource (I.E. a certain amount of time of an employee).

The Task Leveling wizard allow to level a group of tasks to avoid eventual overallocation of resources, It will delay some tasks depending on task precedencies and task sequences.