The Purchase Blanket Agreement Module introduces the following concepts:

Purchase Blanket Agreement#

The Purchase Blanket Agreement is used to manage the agreements between the Company and its suppliers.

Each agreement progresses through multiple states: ‘draft’ as default when created, ‘running’ when operational then ‘done’ or ‘cancelled’ as final step. A warning is displayed if the user tries to close an agreement with remaining quantities.

An agreement is identified by a unique number that is generated automatically from the configured Sequence and may also have other general information such a validity period, a description, or a reference provided by the supplier.

Each agreement is made up from one or more lines. Each line on an agreement provides information about which Product, the price, the agreed quantity, the processed quantity and the remaining quantity.

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Purchase Blanket Agreements can be found by opening the main menu item:


Create Purchase#

The Create Purchase wizard helps the user to create a purchase from an blanket agreement. A specific form allows the user to select the blanket agreement lines that will compose the purchase with their remaining quantities.