Sale Complaint Module


Sale Complaint Module#

The sale_complaint module defines Complaint model.


The complaint is mainly defined by a customer which complains about a sale or an invoice. Actions can be taken to solve the complaint. Here is the extensive list of the fields, most of them are optional:

  • Customer: The customer.

  • Address: The main address of the customer.

  • Date: The date the complaint is filled.

  • Number: The internal reference of the complaint (will be generated automatically on creation).

  • Reference: The optional external reference of the complaint.

  • Employee: The employee responsible of the complaint.

  • Type: The type of complaint

  • Origin: The original document for which the complaint if filled.

  • Company: The company against which the complaint is filled.

  • Description: The description of the complaint.

  • Actions: The actions to take to solve it.

  • State:

    • Draft

    • Waiting: The complaint is waiting for approval.

    • Approved: The complaint has been approved by a sale admin.

    • Rejected: The complaint has been rejected by a sale admin.

    • Done: The complaint’s actions have been executed.

    • Cancelled


A complaint action defines an action to execute to solve the complaint. There are two types of action: Create Sale Return and Create Credit Note. When the origin of the complaint is a line, only this line will proceeded and it will be possible to define the quantity and the unit price otherwise it is the all document.


It defines the type of complaint per document: Sale, Sale Line, Customer Invoice and Customer Invoice Line.