Sale Supply Drop Shipment Model


Sale Supply Drop Shipment Model#

The Sale Supply Drop Shipment module adds a drop shipment option on product supplier if “supply on request” is selected. When selected, the purchase request and the linked purchase have the address of customer as Delivery Address; at the confirmation of the purchase a drop shipment is created and linked to both the purchase and the sale.

Drop Shipment#

A drop shipment is used when products are sent directly from the supplier to the customer without going through the warehouse. It is mainly composed of a supplier, a customer and a list of moves.

The drop shipment can be in one of this states:

  • Draft

    All moves are in draft.

  • Waiting

    All moves are in draft, the synchronization between the moves of the supplier and the moves to the customer has occurred.

  • Shipped

    All moves from the supplier are done.

  • Done

    All moves are in state Done.

  • Cancelled

    All moves are cancelled.