Stock Package Shipping DPD Module

Stock Package Shipping DPD Module#

The Stock Package Shipping DPD module allows you to generate the DPD label using the DPD webservices. DPD has many different web services, the module supports:

Carrier Credential#

This model allows to define the credential used to connect the DPD API. The credentials will be automatically retrieved based on the company of the Shipment.

  • Company: The company for which those credentials are valid

  • User ID: The User ID provided by DPD.

  • Password: The Password used to access the DPD API.

  • Server: Are those credentials used for accessing the Testing or the Production server.


The Carrier model is extended with the following fields:

  • Product: The DPD product requested.

  • Printer Language: The type of file used for the label sent by DPD

  • Paper Format: The format of the label sent by DPD