Configure Shopify Web Shop#

First you must create a new custom app for your Shopify store with, as a minimum, the following permissions:

  • Fulfillment services: Read and write

  • Inventory: Read and write

  • Orders: Read and write

  • Product listings: Read and write

  • Products: Read and write

  • Assigned fulfillment: Read and write

  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders: Read and write

You also need to copy the password that is generated.

When setting the Web Shop’s type to “Shopify”, you must fill in the “Shop URL” (e.g. https://<store-name> and the “Password” with the copied one.


At least one Payment Journal is needed to book the transactions.

Different scheduled tasks are responsible for uploading products and inventories and fetching and updating orders as Sales.

You can also register a webhook for each order event to get updates when they happen.