Web Shortener Module

Web Shortener Module#

The web_shortener module allows URLs to be shortened. It counts the number of times the URL is accessed and optionally triggers action.

The module defines a route /s/<shortened_id> which will redirect the queries to the URL registered previously with ShortenedURL.get_url.

Models that need to be callable from a shortened URL must define the method shortened_url_execute. This class method will be called from the underlying queue with the record and the keywords arguments transmitted when calling get_url.

Shortened URL#

  • Shortened URL: The shortened URL

  • Redirect URL: The URL the request is redirected to

  • Record: The record on which method will be executed

  • Method: The name of the method to call on record

  • Count: The number of times this shortened URL has been triggered


The web_shortener modules uses the parameter from the section:

  • [web]:

    • shortener_base: The base URL without path for shortened URL. The default value is composed with the configuration [web] hostname.