Account Payment Module

The account_payment module allows to generate grouped payments for receivable or payable Account Move Lines.


A Payment defines the attempt to pay an amount to a party or to receive an amount from a party. It is mainly defined by:

  • Journal.

  • Kind: - Payable - Receivable

  • Party.

  • Line.

  • Amount.

  • Date.

  • Description.

A payment can be created from an payable or receivable Account Move Line using the Pay Lines action. The amount is computed from the debit/credit deducing existing payments for this line.

Direct debit payments can be created from the wizard Create Direct Debit for all the parties that are configured with at least one Direct Debits record.

The payment can be in one of this states:

  • Draft

    The payment is in preparation.

  • Submitted

    The payment has been submitted and is waiting approval or to be processed.

  • Approved

    The payment has been approved and is waiting to be processed by the wizard in a Group.

  • Processing

    The payment has been processed in a Group.

  • Succeeded

    The payment was successfully processed.

  • Failed

    The payment was not successfully processed.


A group links a set of payment of the same kind processed together inside the same journal.


A journal defines the configuration of the processing of payments.