Account Payment Module

The account_payment module allows to generate grouped payments for receivable or payable Account Move Lines.


A Payment defines the attempt to pay an amount to a party or to receive an amount from a party. It is mainly defined by:

  • Journal.
  • Kind: - Payable - Receivable
  • Party.
  • Line.
  • Amount.
  • Date.
  • Description.

A payment can be created from an payable or receivable Account Move Line using the Pay Lines action. The amount is computed from the debit/credit deducing existing payments for this line.

The payment can be in one of this states:

  • Draft

    The payment is waiting for approval.

  • Approved

    The payment has been approved and is waiting to be processed by the wizard in a Group.

  • Processing

    The payment has been processed in a Group.

  • Succeeded

    The payment was successfully processed.

  • Failed

    The payment was not successfully processed.


A group links a set of payment of the same kind processed together inside the same journal.


A journal defines the configuration of the processing of payments.