Project Module

The Project module provides the concepts of project and task and the basis for simple project management.

Work Effort

The Work Effort model is used for creating both projects and tasks. This allows for instance to transform a task into a project if it gets bigger and need to be split. The following fields are defined on the model:

  • Name: The name of the Project/Task.
  • Type: Can be Project or Task.
  • State: Can be Opened or Done.
  • Parent and Children: Define the tree structure of projects and tasks.
  • Party and Party Address: The optional party (and the contact address) for which the project is made. Available on projects.
  • Timesheet Available: Register the work for timesheets.
  • Effort: The estimated effort of a task.
  • Total Effort: Available on projects. Gives the total effort of the sub-tasks (I.E. tasks of the project and tasks of the sub-projects) of the current project.
  • Progress: The progression on the task.
  • Total Progress: Gives the total of progress of the sub-tasks.
  • Comment: A description.