The Project Module introduces some new concepts and extends some existing concepts:

Work Effort#

The Work Effort concept is used to represent work that must be done for projects, or parts of projects.

Each Work Effort is described by a name and a type, and there is space for additional comments to be added when required.

The estimated time and effort needed for the work is recorded, and it is also possible to track the actual time and effort required.

If timesheets are selected to be used, then the time spent on the work can be recorded by Employees by creating Timesheet Lines with the right Timesheet Works. The Timesheet Works for the Work Efforts are automatically created and deleted as needed.

The current progress of a project’s work and its Work Status is also recorded.

A project’s work can be structured by giving work efforts a parent and some children, if required.

Each Work Effort has a type. Once a work effort has been created it can be changed to a different type if its scope, or the amount of work required, changes.

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Work efforts can be found by opening the main menu item:


A Project is a type of Work Effort that is used for larger and more complex work.

It can have a Party and Party Address. These are used to record who the project is for.

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A list of projects can be found using the main menu item:


A Task is a type of Work Effort that is used for smaller pieces of work.

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A list of tasks can be found using the main menu item:

Work Status#

The Work Status concept is used to define the different stages that a project’s Work goes through.

Each status can be used with one, or more, types of work.

The progress set on the work status defines the minimum amount of progress needed for work to have that status.

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The available Work Statuses are found using the main menu item: