Listing customers#

In Tryton, by definition, the Parties that have bought Products from your Company are its customers. The Sale Module lets you get a list of these from the [Parties ‣ Parties ‣ Associated to Sales] main menu item.


For some companies it is important to know which parties are, or may eventually be, customers before they have bought anything. One way you can do this is to create a Customer Category, and add all the appropriate parties to it.

Making products salable#

Before you can add a Product to a Sale it must be marked as salable. When you do this you will also be able to set some additional properties such as the Unit of Measure the product is normally sold in and how long it normally takes before the product can be delivered.

Finding sale prices and availability#

Before making a Sale it is sometimes useful to know how much of a Product is available, and what the sale price will be.

You can get a list of this information for the salable products by using the [Sales ‣ Salable Products] main menu item. The Sale Context allows you to adjust the various parameters that can effect stock availability and price, such as which Warehouse will be supplying the product, who the customer is and how much they want to buy.


As with all Tryton data you can export this list to a CSV file by using the form’s Export menu item.