Stock Forecast Module

The stock forecast module provide a simple way to create stock moves toward customers with a date in the future. This allow other stock mecanism to anticipate customer demand.


The forecast form contains:

  • A location from which the products will leave.

  • A destination (which is a customer location).

  • Two dates defining a period in the future.

  • A company

  • A list of forcast lines with:

    • A product

    • A quantity which represent the total demand for the period

    • A minimal quantity for each move.

    • A unit of measure.

The “Complete Forecast” button allow to auto-complete forecast lines based on previous stock output for dates in the past.

The forecasts are deactivated automatically when their period has passed.

Forecast States


It is the initial state and the state used for edition. No moves are linked to the forecast lines


Once in state done, moves are created for each forecast line:

  • They are spread homogeneously between the two dates of the forecast.

  • Move quantities are bigger or equal to the minimal quantity set on the forecast line.


On a cancelled forecast all existing moves are cancelled and the form is readonly.