Stock Supply Module

The Stock Supply module add automatic supply mechanisms and introduce the concepts of order point.

Order Point

An order point define minimum and maximum quantities for a product on a location. The minimum quantity is the quantity that should be always (if possible) available. The maximum is a target quantity that should be reached when re-ordering. An order point also define a type which can be:

  • Internal

    An Internal order point is defined on a Storage location, it also define a provisioning location. If the minimum quantity is reached it will result in the creation of an internal shipment between the provisioning location and the Storage location.

  • Purchase

    A Purchase order point is defined on a warehouse location. If the minimal quantity is reached on the warehouse it will result in a purchase request.

The internal shipments and purchase requests are created by schedulers with respect to stock levels and existing shipments and requests. The stock levels are computed between the next two supply dates computed over the Supply Period from the configuration (default: 1 day). If the stock level of a product without order point on the given warehouse is below zero, a purchase request is also created. The same happens if the stock level of a storage location with a provisioning location is below zero.