When the Stock Module is activated, products gain some extra properties. These include a product’s stock and forecast quantities, which show its current and predicted future stock situation, and the cost value of its stock.

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The Product concept is introduced by the Product Module.

Product Quantity

The amount, and the value, of a product in a Stock Location is calculated by adding up all the Stock Moves in to that location and subtracting those out of the same location.

Some values from the Transaction context are used to help determine which stock moves get included in this calculation and which get left out. These values include things like which locations to include in the calculation, and what dates should be included.

Normally, when calculating stock quantities for a date in the past, only moves that are done are included in the calculation, and only if their effective date is early enough. This reflects the real situation based on completed stock moves. For dates in the future, draft and Assigned moves are also included, but only if their planned date is between today’s date and the future date, inclusive.


The stock quantity of consumable products is calculated in exactly the same way as any other product, even though consumable products can always be assigned regardless of how much stock there is.


Recompute Cost Price

The Recompute Cost Price wizard updates products’ cost prices using their cost price method.

Modify Cost Price

The Modify Cost Price wizard is only way in which a product’s cost price can be changed once it has stock moves. The wizard takes a date and a fixed price or formula for the new cost price. These changes are stored in the Cost Price Revision concept and are applied at the beginning of the date that was selected when the cost price of the product gets re-calculated.

Product Quantities by Warehouse

The idea of the Product Quantities by Warehouse concept is to provide information about how the stock levels of one or more products have varied over time in a particular Warehouse.

Product Quantities by Warehouse Move

The Product Quantities by Warehouse Move concept provides information about how Stock Moves have affected the stock levels in a Warehouse over time.

Cost Price Revision

The Cost Price Revision records changes to a product’s cost price. These revisions are automatically created when the product’s cost price is changed using the Modify Cost Price wizard.