Finding the value of your stock

In Tryton you can easily find the value of stock that’s in one, or more, Locations as the stock’s cost value is included when Viewing stock levels for the locations you are interested in.

Updating the value of your stock

The value of the stock that your Company owns is based on the Quantity of stock and its cost price.

You can correct the quantity of stock by Checking and correcting stock levels.

You can also change how much the stock is worth by Updating a product’s cost price.

Updating a product’s cost price

A Product’s cost price is affected by various factors including its cost price method and in some cases the value of stock received or dispatched.

The Recompute Cost Price wizard is used to update a product’s cost price using the product’s cost price method.


Most of the time you will not need to run the wizard that recalculates your products’ cost prices, because, by default, there is a scheduled task that runs once a day and does this for you.

You can, however, also run the wizard at any time to ensure you are seeing the most up to date information.

Once there are some Stock Moves for a Product you can make a manual adjustment to a product’s cost price using the Modify Cost Price wizard. This allows you to do things like reduce the cost price, and consequently stock value, of a product by 10% from a certain date by using cost_price * 0.9.


If you modify a cost price you may also need to run the Recompute Cost Price wizard to see the changes reflected in the product’s cost price.

Viewing cost price changes

You can get a list of any manual cost price changes that have been applied to a product by using the Cost Price Revision relate action from the product’s Open Related Records menu.