A location represents the place where stock is stored. This may be a physical location, such as a shelf, or a virtual location such as the location used for products that have gone missing.

Locations are organised in to a structure with each location having a parent location and zero or more sub-locations. It is possible to restrict a location to only one level of children. This enables the use of an optimisation that improves the performance of the the stock quantity calculation.

A location also has a set of properties that allow the current and forecasted amounts of stock in the location to be obtained along with the stock’s value.


Warehouses are special locations that represent a physical warehouse and as such can have an Address. They are also normally split up into a set of locations each with a particular purpose, such as for the input, output or storage of stock.

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Stock locations can be added, removed and changed from the main menu item:

The stock locations structure, and access to the stock levels in a location can be found from the main menu item:

Inventory & Stock ‣ Locations

Location Lead Time#

A Location Lead Time is the amount of time that it normally takes to transfer stock between two Warehouses.

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Location lead times can be updated from the main menu item: