class trytond.cache.Cache(name[, size_limit[, context]])

The class is used to cache values between server requests. The name should be unique and it’s used to identify the cache. We usually use <class_name>.<content_name> to make it unique. The size_limit field can be used to limit the number of values cached and the context parameter is used to indicate if the cache depends on the user context and is true by default.

trytond.cache.get(key[, default])

Retrieve the value of the key in the cache. If a default is specified it will be returned when the key is missing otherwise it will return None.

trytond.cache.set(key, value)

Sets the value of the key in the cache.


Clears all the keys in the cache.

static trytond.cache.clean(dbname)

Clean the cache for database dbname

static trytond.cache.reset(dbname, name)

Reset the name cache for database dbname

static trytond.cache.resets(dbname)

Resets all the caches stored for database dbname

static trytond.cache.drop(dbname)

Drops all the caches for database dbname


By default Tryton uses a MemoryCache, but this behaviour can be overridden by setting a fully qualified name of an alternative class defined in the configuration class of the cache section.