trytond.sendmail.sendmail_transactional(from_addr, to_addrs, msg[, transaction[, datamanager]])

Send email message only if the current transaction is successfully committed. The required arguments are an RFC 822 from-address string, a list of RFC 822 to-address strings (a bare string will be treated as a list with 1 address), and an email message. The caller may pass a Transaction instance to join otherwise the current one will be joined. A specific data manager can be specified otherwise the default SMTPDataManager will be used for sending email.


An SMTP failure will be only logged without raising any exception.

trytond.sendmail.sendmail(from_addr, to_addrs, msg[, server])

Send email message like sendmail_transactional() but directly without caring about the transaction. The caller may pass a server instance from smtplib.


Return a SMTP instance from smtplib using the uri or the one defined in the email section of the configuration.

class trytond.sendmail.SMTPDataManager([uri])

A SMTPDataManager implements a data manager which send queued email at commit. An option optional uri can be passed to configure the SMTP connection.

SMTPDataManager.put(from_addr, to_addrs, msg)

Queue the email message to send.