Production Module

The production module defines basics for production management: Bill of material and production order.

Bill of Material

Bills of Material are list of products and quantities needed to produce a product. It is often shorten with BOM.


A Production is mainly defined by a product, a BOM, a location, a quantity and two lists of moves:

  • Inputs

    The moves between the storage location and the production location (as defined on the warehouse) for products used for production.

  • Outputs

    The moves between the production location and the storage location for products produced.

The production can be in one of this states:

  • Request

    The production is requested by the system.

  • Draft

    Input and output moves are in draft.

  • Waiting

    The production is waiting for action and all moves are still in draft.

  • Assigned

    The input moves are assigned.

  • Running

    The input moves are in state done.

  • Done

    The output moves are in state done.

  • Cancel

    All moves are cancelled.

The cost of the production is computed with the sum of the cost price of all incoming products. If a product is selected, it will have the cost as unit price. The production verify that all the cost is spread on the unit price of output moves.