Production Module

The production module defines basics for production management: Bill of material and production order.

Bill of Material

Bills of Material are list of products and quantities needed to produce a product. It is often shorten with BOM.


A Production is mainly defined by a product, a BOM, a location, a quantity and two lists of moves:

  • Inputs

    The moves between the storage location and the production location (as defined on the warehouse) for products used for production.

  • Outputs

    The moves between the production location and the storage location for products produced.

The production can be in one of this states:

  • Request

    The production is requested by the system.

  • Draft

    Input and output moves are in draft.

  • Waiting

    The production is waiting for action and all moves are still in draft.

  • Assigned

    The input moves are assigned.

  • Running

    The input moves are in state done.

  • Done

    The output moves are in state done.

  • Cancel

    All moves are cancelled.

The cost of the production is computed with the sum of the cost price of all incoming products. This cost is allocated to the output products based on the list price of each (the product without a list price are considered as waste).

A cron task runs every day and updates the cost of productions if the cost price of the incoming products has changed.