The Sale Point Module introduces the concepts that are required to manage retail sales.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale concept is used to configure the point where sales happen.

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The Point of Sale configuration is found by opening the main menu item:


The Sale concept registers what quantity of products are sold or returned and how the customer paid for them. Each sale, at any time, can be in one of several different states. A sale progress though these states until it is posted.

Each sale is linked to a Point where it takes place.

A sale is identified by a unique number that is generated automatically from the configured Sequence for the sale Point. It also has other general information like the date and the Employee who creates the order.

The sale is made up from one, or more, sales lines. These lines provide information about which Products and what quantities are included in the sale.

The total and tax amounts for a sale are derived from the prices and Taxes of the line’s Products.

The amount paid or reimbursed is registered using the Payment Method. Once the amount to paid reaches zero, the sale is done.

On posting the sale it generates the corresponding Stock Moves for the goods and posts the corresponding Account Move.

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Sales are found by opening the main menu item:


Pay Sale

The Pay Sale wizard allows payments to be registered against the sale. If the sale is overpaid the wizard calculates the amount to return. Once the sale is fully paid the sale state is automatically set to done.

Cash Session

The Cash Session groups the cash payments and the transfers of a Point of Sale over a period. The sessions of a point of sale are a chained list that tracks the cash amount between each closure.

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The Cash Sessions are found by opening the main menu item:

Payment Method

The Payment Method defines the available options for paying a Sale.

A method can be set to cash so it will be used to return change. Only one method per company can be set to cash.

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Payment Methods are found by opening the main menu item:

Cash Transfer Type

The Transfer Type defines the available options for transferring cash of a Point of Sale.

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Cash Transfer Types are found by opening the main menu item: