Viewing journal entries

In Tryton there are plenty of different ways of getting information about the journal entries that record your Company’s accounting transactions.

Each journal entry is represented by an Account Move. These account moves, and the Account Move Lines that make them up, can be found by:


Account moves that are created by, or relate to, other documents or items on you Tryton system can also often be found from those documents or items.

Viewing your chart of accounts data

The [Financial ‣ Reporting -> Chart of Accounts] provides a structured view of all the Accounts that form your Company’s accounts.


Each account can be opened to show the Account Move Lines that contributed to the debits and credits shown for that account.

Viewing your tax code data

From [Financial ‣ Reporting -> Chart of Tax Codes] you are able to see data about what Taxes have been applied and what amounts these were based on. The Tax Codes are normally structured so that you can find the data that you need to do your tax reporting.


Each tax code can be opened to show the Tax Lines that contribute to the tax code’s amount.