The Company Module introduces some new concepts, and extends other existing concepts:


The Company is the main concept provided by the Company Module. In Tryton it is a Party that represents the company, or organisation, which the users of the system are members of.

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Companies can be found by opening the main menu item:


The Employee is another important concept introduced by the Company Module. In Tryton it is a Party that is employed by, or works for, one of the Companies which the users are members of.

Employees can be organised into a structure by setting each employee’s supervisor.

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A list of the employees for all the companies can be found from the main menu item:


The Company Module extends the User concept so that each user can be associated with one or more Companies and a set of Employees. From these a user then chooses a current company and employee.

This choice directly affects what data the user has access to in Tryton, as models will often link records to a company and restrict access based on the user’s setup.

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The User concept is introduced by the res module.


The Company Module adds an addition report that can be used with Parties.

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The Party concept is introduced by the Party Module.



This report is a document that can be used as the starting point for a letter to the selected Party. The letter that is created is preformatted with information about the party, the User and the user’s current Company. The only thing that then needs to be added is the main contents of the letter.