API Reference

Company Multi-Values

class trytond.modules.company.model.CompanyMultiValueMixin

A MultiValueMixin that makes it simpler to create MultiValue fields based on the Company in the context. It does this by including the company from the context in the pattern by default.

class trytond.modules.company.model.CompanyValueMixin

A ValueMixin used to store the values of a CompanyMultiValueMixin.

Employee Fields

trytond.modules.company.model.employee_field(string[, states][, company])

A function that returns a Many2One field. This field is intended to be used to store the Employee that performed some action on the Model that contains the Field.

  • string – The string that is used as the label for the field.

  • states – The states in which the field will be read-only.

  • company – The name of the field that contains the company.


The employee Many2One field.

@trytond.modules.company.model.set_employee(field[, company])

Used to decorate methods which need to record the employee that last ran them. The specified field is updated with the User’s current Employee, but only if the employee works for the company.

  • field – The name of the field to set to the user’s current employee.

  • company – The name of the field that contains the company. Defaults to ‘company’.


Used to decorate methods which indicate that the document is now in a state where the action has not yet been performed, so the Employee should be cleared from the fields.


fields – The names of the fields that should have the employee removed.

Company Reports

class trytond.modules.company.company.CompanyReport

A report that places the Company of the record in the header key and adds it to the context.