class trytond.pool.Pool([database_name])

Store the instances of Model, Wizard and Report per database.

Static methods:

static Pool.register(klass, ..., type_, module[, depends])

Register the classes of type (model, report or wizard) for the module.

If depends is set, the registration happens only if all the modules are activated.

static Pool.register_mixin(mixin, classinfo, module)

Register the mixin for the module.

The mixin are included to all subclasses of classinfo.

Class methods:

classmethod Pool.start()

Start the pool by registering all Tryton modules found.

classmethod Pool.stop(database_name)

Stop the pool by removing instances for the database.

classmethod Pool.database_list()

List all started databases.

Instance methods:

Pool.get(name[, type])

Return the named object of type from the pool.


Return an interator over objects of type.

Pool.fill(module, modules)

Fill the pool with the registered classes from the module and for the activated modules and return a list of classes for each type in a dictionary.


Call all setup methods of the classes provided or for all the registered classes.

Pool.setup_mixin([type[, name]])

Include all the mixin registered for the filled modules to the corresponding registered type of classes or named.


class trytond.pool.PoolMeta

A metaclass helper to setup __name__ on class to be registered in the Pool.


class trytond.pool.PoolBase

The base class of registered classes.

Class methods:

classmethod PoolBase.__setup__()

Setup the class.

classmethod PoolBase.__post_setup__()

Post setup the class.

classmethod PoolBase.__register__()

Registare the class.