Account Dunning Module

Account Dunning Module#

The account_dunning module adds dunning for receivable move lines.


A Procedure defines the dunning process with an ordered list of levels. A dunning will raise from one level to an other by selecting the next level that pass the test. The Procedure is set per Party and a default one can be configured in the accounting configuration.


A Level defines the parameters to reach it:

  • Days: The number of overdue days.


A Dunning defines the dunning level of an overdue move line. Once processed, it triggers the communication defined on the procedure level. It is mainly defined by:

  • Line: The overdue move line

  • Procedure: The Procedure followed.

  • Level: The current Level.

  • Blocked: If true, it blocks the dunning to raise.

The dunning can be in one of these states:

  • Draft

    The current level is not yet processed.

  • Waiting

    The current level has been processed.

  • Final

    All levels have been processed.