The Account Product Module mainly extends existing accounting and product concepts.


The Product concept is extended with a set of methods that allow access to the product’s accounting related properties.

Many of these properties are set in the product’s accounting category. The accounting category is a special type of Product Category. Unlike standard product categories, each product can only have a single accounting category.

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The Product concept is introduced by the Product Module.

Product Category#

The Account Product Module allows some Product Categories to be marked as accounting categories. These product categories can have accounting properties such as Taxes, and revenue and expense Accounts associated with them.

When placing categories into a structure all the categories in the structure must be either standard categories or accounting categories. This means an accounting category cannot have a standard category as its parent or as any of its subcategories.

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The Product Category concept is introduced by the Product Module.

Analytic Account Rule#

The Account Product Module extends the Analytic Account Rules allowing Products and Categories to be used as criteria by the analytic rule engine.


This feature is only available when the Analytic Account Module is activated.

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The Analytic Account Rule concept is introduced by the Analytic Account Module.