The Account Statement Module introduces the following concepts:


The Statement concept groups together lines that represent entries in a Journal. These lines contain, among other information, the date, amount, party and account.

A statement may also contain a list of origins each of these holds a single line from the raw information that was imported.

A statement progresses through several different states until it is either posted or cancelled.

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Statements can be found by opening the main menu item:


Statement Report#

The Statement Report is a document that can be printed out that contains all the relevant information about each statement, including the lines.


Import Statement#

The Import Statement wizard creates Statements from one of the supported file formats. The raw lines from the file are stored as a list of origins on the statement.

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Import Statement can be launch by opening the main menu item:

Reconcile Statement#

The Reconcile Statement wizard launches the Reconcile Accounts wizard on the Account Move Lines created by the Statement.

Line Group#

The Line Group displays the grouping of statement lines that was created at the point when the Statement was validated.

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Line Groups can be found by opening the main menu item:

Statement Journal#

A Statement Journal represents a Statement book. Among other things it defines how the statements must be validated.

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Statement Journals can be found by opening the main menu item: