The Stock Quantity Early Planning introduces the following concepts:

Stock Quantity Early Plan#

Quantity Early Plannings are generated by the wizard of the same name. They represent possible planning optimisation regarding the quantity of stock available for future Shipments, Productions or Outgoing Moves.

Possible early dates are calculated for the planning. Ignoring the proposal makes that the system will no more create proposal for the origin.

The Employee who processes, closes or ignores the planning is recorded.

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Quantity Early Planning can be found by opening the main menu item:


Generate Stock Quantity Early Planning#

The Generate Stock Quantity Early Plannings wizard creates for each warehouse the Stock Quantity Early Plans if there are possibilities. When running it deletes any open plans, updates the processing and plans with new moves and create new plans.

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The wizard can be launched by opening:

Inventory & Stock ‣ Quantity Early Planning ‣ Generate