Creating additional fiscal years

You will need a different Fiscal Year for each year that you want to record accounting transactions.

You can create these in the same way as you created your initial fiscal year.


An alternative, and often simpler, way of creating a new fiscal year is to use the Renew Fiscal Year wizard.

Creating journal entries

In Tryton journal entries are represented by Account Moves. With the right modules activated Tryton will automatically create many of the account moves for you. However, there are times when you will need to manually move amounts from one Account to another. You do this by using the items found under the [Financial ‣ Entries] main menu item.

One-off entries

For entries that are only needed once, for example to set an account’s initial opening balance, you can manually create an Account Move.

The [Financial ‣ Entries ‣ Open Journal] main menu item provides another way of entering the details of an account move. It provides a list of individual Account Move Lines, which can be added to as required.

Reoccurring entries

The best way to create accounting entries for things that are expected to happen more than once is to use an Account Move Template.

You must first create the Account Move Template and set it up to ask for the things that might change each time it is used.

You then run the Create Move from Template wizard to create account moves based on a template of your choice.