How to setup a database

The database section of the configuration must be set before starting.

Create a database

Depending of the database backend choosen, you must create a database (see the documentation of the choosen backend). The user running trytond must be granted the priviledge to create tables. For backend that has the option, the encoding of the database must be set to UTF-8.

Initialize a database

A database can be initialized using this command line:

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> --all

At the end of the process, trytond-admin will ask to set the password for the admin user.

Update a database

To upgrade to a new series, the command line is:

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> --all


Prior to upgrade see if there is no manual action to take on the migration topic.

To activate a new language on an existing database, the command line is:

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> --all -l <language code>

Once activated, the language appears in the user preferences.

When installing new modules, the list of modules must be updated with:

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> --update-modules-list

Once updated, the new modules can be activated from the client or activated with:

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> -u <module name> --activate-dependencies