Fiscal Year

In accounting the concept of a Fiscal Year is used when generating a Company’s financial reports. In Tryton it groups together a set of Periods.

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Fiscal years can be found by opening the main menu item:


Create Periods

For a Fiscal Year, the Create Periods wizard creates a set of monthly, quarterly, or other fixed length periods. The periods that are created cover the whole of the fiscal year, and do not overlap.

Renew Fiscal Year

The Renew Fiscal Year wizard takes a previous Fiscal Year and lets the user create a new fiscal year based on it. When the wizard is started, by default, it is setup ready to create a new fiscal year based on, and immediately following, the latest fiscal year.

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The renew fiscal year wizard can be started from the main menu item:

Financial ‣ Configuration ‣ Fiscal Years ‣ Renew Fiscal Year

Balance Non-Deferral

At the fiscal year-end the Balance Non-Deferral wizard is used to create Account Moves that zero the balances of each non-deferral Account using a counterpart account.

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The balance non-deferral wizard is started using the main menu item:

Financial ‣ Processing ‣ Balance Non-Deferral


An accounting Period represents a period of time between two dates. It allows a Company’s accounts to be processed, aggregated and analysed based on this fixed range of time. Each period in Tryton belongs to a Fiscal Year.

There are two different types of period, standard periods, and adjustment periods. Standard periods from the same fiscal year cannot overlap, and by default Tryton will only use Standard periods when creating new Account Moves. Adjustment periods are typically used for things like the accounting moves created when Closing a fiscal year, and these periods may overlap other periods.

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Periods can be found by opening the main menu item: