A Journal represents a book of original entry from traditional manual accounting. In Tryton it allows Account Moves of the same class to be grouped together. Every account move gets associated with a journal, and the journal defines what sequence is then used to number the account move.

Among the journal’s properties is a type. This limits where the journal can be used.

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The journals can be found by opening the main menu item:


Open Journal

The Open Journal wizard opens an editable list which can be used to quickly enter in journal entries for a specific journal and Period.

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The wizard can be started by using the main menu item:

Financial ‣ Entries ‣ Open Journal

Journal Period

For each Company, a Journal Period links together the concepts of a Journal, and an accounting Period. Each journal period is created automatically when the first Account Move is created in the journal and period. It provides a way of partially closing a period one journal at a time.

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The company’s journal periods can be listed by opening the main menu item:

The company’s open journal periods can be found using the main menu item:

Financial ‣ Entries ‣ Journals - Periods