Listing Suppliers

In Tryton, by definition, the Parties that your Company has bought from are its suppliers. The Purchase Module lets you list these when you open the [Parties ‣ Parties ‣ Associated to Purchases] main menu item.


For some companies it is important to know which parties are, or may eventually be, suppliers before you have bought anything from them. One way of doing this is to create a Supplier Category, and add all the appropriate parties to it.

Making products purchasable

Before you can add a Product to a Purchase it must be marked as purchasable. When you do this you will also be able to set some additional properties such as the Unit of Measure the product is normally bought in, and which suppliers are used and their details about the product.

Setting bulk prices

Suppliers may offer different prices depending on how much of a Product is purchased. In Tryton you can record these prices using the Product Supplier concept.


You can set these prices by opening one of the Suppliers lines shown when viewing a product’s details.


To ensure the correct price is chosen when entering in a Purchase you must ensure that the prices are ordered correctly. The lowest quantity must appear first, going up to the largest quantity last.

This is because Tryton searches through the price lines in Sequence order, and uses the last price it finds where the ordered quantity is equal to, or more than, the price line’s quantity.