Fundamentals to manage warehouses.

Assign Manual

Manually decide where to pick products.


Manage consignment stock from supplier or at customer warehouse.


Forecast the stock levels.

Inventory Location

Create inventories for many locations.

Location Move

Make location movable.

Location Sequence

Order locations.


Track products with lot.

Lot Shelf Life Expiration Date

Manage expiration dates.

Lot Unit

Define unit and quantity per lot.


Store packaging on shipments.

Package Shipping

Fundamentals to interact with shipping services.

Package Shipping DPD

Connect with DPD shipping service.

Package Shipping MyGLS

Connect with MyGLS shipping service.

Package Shipping Sendcloud

Connect to the Sendcloud shipping service.

Package Shipping UPS

Connect with UPS shipping service.

Product Location

Define preferred locations for products.

Product Location Place

Defines fixed place of products per location.

Quantity Early Planning

Consume earlier stock.

Quantity Issue

Report quantity issues.

Secondary Unit

Add a secondary unit of measure.

Shipment Cost

Add shipment costs to outgoing moves.

Shipment Cost Weight

Set shipment costs based on weight.

Shipment Measurements

Add measurements to shipments.


Split moves and shipments.


Supply warehouses.

Supply Forecast

Use forecast to supply warehouses.

Supply Day

Compute supply date per week day.

Supply Production

Supply warehouses with production orders.