Updating your preferences#

Some of the properties of your User account can be viewed and updated by opening up your preferences.

How you open your preferences depends on which client you are using, but it is often done from either a menu item called preferences, or a link somewhere in the header with your username.

With your preferences open you are able to update things like your name, email address, language, signature and password.

Connecting user applications#

Tryton User Applications are intended to be simple applications that have been written to do one thing well.

When you configure the user application it connects to Tryton and requests a new key. This new key is stored in the associated User’s list of Applications.

To allow the user application to access and use Tryton you must Validate the key from inside your preferences. Once this is done the user application can perform it’s predefined actions on your behalf.


If you are concerned a key may have been compromised, you can easily revoke a user application’s access, at any time, by deleting its key from your user preferences.

Managing users access rights#

In Tryton Groups help you manage and control what Access Rights a User has.

By adding and removing users from groups you can control what parts of Tryton a user can access, and what they can see and do. You can find the users and groups under the [Administration ‣ Users] main menu item.

If you want to see and change which users are in a group, then it is normally best to open the group to view it’s members.

If you are interested in seeing and updating which groups a single user belongs to, then it is often best to open the user account and then find their access permissions and groups.


Many modules define standard groups that are useful to people who have activated that module. Often you only need to add the correct users to these groups to benefit from them.

Resetting users passwords#

If a user has forgotten their password, or you are creating a new user and want them to set their password themselves, Tryton can send them a temporary password. On the User screen there is a Reset Password button which will send them an Email Reset Password email to their email address.


This is only available if the email address for the user is set.

The user can then login with this temporary password and update their password to one of their choosing.


The temporary password is only valid for a set amount of time, so the user must login and change their password before the temporary password expires.