Return a collection of entry points.


Import the named Tryton module.

trytond.tools.file_open(name[, mode[, subdir[, encoding]]])#

Open the named file in subdir from the root directory.

trytond.tools.find_path(name[, subdir])#

Return the path of the named file in subdir from root directory.

trytond.tools.find_dir(name[, subdir])#

Return the path of the named directory in subdir from root directory.


Return successive overlapping pairs taken from the input iterable.

The number of 2-tuples in the output iterator will be the number of inputs and ends with the None. It will be empty if the input iterable has fewer than two values.


Resolve a dotted name to a global object.

trytond.tools.safe_join(directory, \*pathnames)#

Safely join zero or more untrusted path components to a base directory to avoid escaping the base directory.

trytond.tools.unescape_wildcard(string[, wildcards[, escape]])#

Return the string without the wild card escapes.

trytond.tools.is_full_text(value[, escape])#

Determine if the value can be used as full text search.

This is the case when the value starts and ends with a % or does not contain any wild cards.

trytond.tools.likify(string[, escape])#

Convert the string for full text if it does not contain any wild cards.


Decorator that makes returned list of values sortable.

trytond.tools.sql_pairing(x, y)#

Return an SQL expression that pairs SQL integers x and y.


Return first non-empty line of a text field.


Return a copy of the string with forbidden char from Char replaced by space.