Create wizard


Create wizard#

Sometime you want to add functionalities to a model that do not suite the use of a button. For this kind of use case the wizard is the preferred solution. A wizard is a kind of state machine where states can be a form view, an action or transition.

Let’s create a wizard that converts the opportunities by asking for the end date.

First we define a ModelView class in

class ConvertStart(ModelView):
    "Convert Opportunities"
    __name__ = 'training.opportunity.convert.start'

    end_date = fields.Date("End Date", required=True)

And we register it in the Pool in

def register():
        module='opportunity', type_='model')

Then the form view record in opportunity.xml:


      <record model="ir.ui.view" id="opportunity_convert_start_view_form">
         <field name="model">training.opportunity.convert.start</field>
         <field name="type">form</field>
         <field name="name">opportunity_convert_start_form</field>

And the view in view/opportunity_convert_start_form.xml:

<form col="2">
   <label string="Convert Opportunities?" id="convert_opportunities" colspan="2" xalign="0"/>
   <label name="end_date"/>
   <field name="end_date"/>

Now we can define the Wizard with a start StateView for the form and a convert StateTransition in

from trytond.wizard import Wizard, StateView, StateTransition, Button
class Opportunity(...):
    def convert(cls, opportunities, end_date=None):
        pool = Pool()
        Date = pool.get('')
        cls.write(opportunities, {
            'end_date': end_date or,
class Convert(Wizard):
    "Convert Opportunities"
    __name__ = 'training.opportunity.convert'

    start = StateView(
        'opportunity.opportunity_convert_start_view_form', [
            Button("Cancel", 'end', 'tryton-cancel'),
            Button("Convert", 'convert', 'tryton-ok', default=True),
    convert = StateTransition()

    def transition_convert(self):
        self.model.convert(self.records, self.start.end_date)
        return 'end'


We added an optional end_date to the convert method.

And we register it in the Pool as type wizard in

def register():
        module='opportunity', type_='wizard')

Finally we just need to create a ir.action.wizard and ir.action.keyword in opportunity.xml:

      <record model="ir.action.wizard" id="act_convert_opportunities">
         <field name="name">Convert Opportunities</field>
         <field name="wiz_name">training.opportunity.convert</field>
         <field name="model">training.opportunity</field>
      <record model="ir.action.keyword" id="act_convert_opportunities_keyword">
         <field name="keyword">form_action</field>
         <field name="model">training.opportunity,-1</field>
         <field name="action" ref="act_convert_opportunities"/>

The ir.action.wizard links the Wizard with the Model.


The string that is shown on the menu.


The name of the Wizard.


The name of the Model.

And the ir.action.keyword makes the Wizard available as action to any training.opportunity.


The type of keyword.


The model or record for which the action must be displayed. Use -1 as id for any record.


The link to the action.

Update database#

As we have defined new fields and XML records, we need to update the database with:

$ trytond-admin -d test --all

And restart the server and reconnect with the client to test the wizard:

$ trytond

Let’s create a a report to print opportunities.