class trytond.pool.Pool([database_name])#

Store the instances of Model, Wizard and Report per database.

Static methods:

static Pool.register(klass, ..., type_, module[, depends])#

Register the classes of type (model, report or wizard) for the module.

If depends is set, the registration happens only if all the modules are activated.

static Pool.register_mixin(mixin, classinfo, module)#

Register the mixin for the module.

The mixin are included to all subclasses of classinfo.

Class methods:

classmethod Pool.start()#

Start the pool by registering all Tryton modules found.

classmethod Pool.stop(database_name)#

Stop the pool by removing instances for the database.

classmethod Pool.database_list()#

List all started databases.

classmethod Pool.refresh(database_name, modules)#

Stop the pool if it contains any of the modules.

Instance methods:

Pool.get(name[, type])#

Return the named object of type from the pool.


Return an interator over objects of type.

Pool.fill(module, modules)#

Fill the pool with the registered classes from the module and for the activated modules and return a list of classes for each type in a dictionary.


Call all setup methods of the classes provided or for all the registered classes.

Pool.setup_mixin([type[, name]])#

Include all the mixin registered for the filled modules to the corresponding registered type of classes or named.


class trytond.pool.PoolMeta#

A metaclass helper to setup __name__ on class to be registered in the Pool.


class trytond.pool.PoolBase#

The base class of registered classes.

Class methods:

classmethod PoolBase.__setup__()#

Setup the class.

classmethod PoolBase.__post_setup__()#

Post setup the class.

classmethod PoolBase.__register__()#

Registare the class.